1895 - 2019

The railway to Trondheim, which was opened in 1882 by King Oscar I, became the starting point for tourism in Åre. Hotel Åreskutan was inaugurated in the autumn of 1895, Åre's first hotel.

The developer of the property was Kristina Hansson from the southern Swedish region of Skåne.  She was to become a central figure in the early history of Åre and its development as a prominent tourism hot-spot. The hotel was further developed already in 1899 with the addition of a society pavilion for the most prominent guests of the hotel.  She also ran the post- and telegraph office from within the hotel and was actively involved herself until 1910.

In 1914 the well known hotelier Agnar Meurling took over the business, born on the island of Öland and established restaurant owner in Stockholm. Towards the end of the first world war, he commenced major renovations with the help of architect Karl Güettler and the most prominent developer in Åre, Mårten "Byggis" Ohlson.   The name of the Hotel was changed to Åregården and both the name and character are preserved to this day. It was probably Meurling who constructed the villa in the hotel gardens.
The property underwent the next thorough changes around 1980 when the new wing was added along the hill towards the station, and also 12 smaller residential houses, belonging to BRF Åregårdarna, were erected down towards the road and railway.

To this day the hotel stands as proud in the centre of Åre with as much charm and heritage as it possessed 120 years ago.

The Hotel lobby and bar have always provided a central meeting point for Åre villagers and tourists alike. Through our strong focus on our lovely guests, fantastic food & drinks, fun parties and a constant striving to be the best mountain hotel in Scandinavia, we are the hotel for the guest who wishes to live exclusively and to experience that 'something extra'.