Relax & Enjoy

Grand lounge & Swedish sauna

In order to give our guests that extra luxurious experience, Hotel Åregården offers a variety of spaces & environments to enjoy. Allow yourself some time to  relax in a historic setting that breathes ancient traditions and timeless elegance in our beautiful sitting room.  If you prefer a more warming mode of relaxation, we can highly recommend our newly renovated and modern sauna area.

the Malmstens room

Hotel Åregården’s living-room proudly boasts both original paintings from 1918 by the artist Paul Jonze and interior design from Carl Malmsten’s shop on Strandvägen in Stockholm. Today one would describe his furniture in terms such as organic and social sustainability.

Carl Malmsten himself spoke, in terms true to his era, more of traditions, craftsmanship and the value of the nation. Skansen and Nordiska Museet (the Nordic Museum) were his most important sources of knowledge, his Akropolis as he called them. Even though his furniture was to a large extent products of their times and ideals, they possess a timeless quality making them as relevant and loved to this day.

Sauna, Relax & Gym

After a long day on the mountains, a time for recreation and relaxation can be
desired. In our pleasant sauna and relax area, you can enjoy a space to unwind and
find energy together. The shared sauna and relax is located in the downward part of
the hotel and was renovated in 2017.

From winter 2020 the area has grown and has a new neighbor by a new hotel gym.
Here you can find both treadmill, spinning bike, a cable machine and free weights for
guests who wants to work out while away from home.